Saturday, April 28, 2018

Movies with my girl

Yesterday my girl and I had a movie morning- yes I know it's usually a movie night, but we had a Saturday morning when booth of us were in a bad mood, so tried films to feel better.

We went for Gifted- I saw this at the cinema and wept. No tears this time, but it's a lovely schmatlzy film, and it was perfect for a cuddled up morning on the sofa. The little girl in it is brilliant, and has the most amazing eyelashes!

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Then we went for the Greatest Showman again, my girl's favourite at the moment. Singalong bliss...

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I know there are issues with the storyline, but it's got some good tunes!

I'm reading a Charlaine Harris book at the moment- Midnight Crossroad. It's quite engaging- I got fed up with the Sookie Stackhouse series, but I'm enjoying a bit of supernatural reading this time! It's a TV series too, so I may check that out when I've finished the book.

TV wise- I'm catching up on Nashville whilst typing. I'll miss it when it's finished, I do so love these characters. Imagine, no more Deacon :(   :'(

As a family, we're watching the Big painting challenge, our usual set of comedies (Modern Family, The Middle, all the panel shows!), plus the Island with Bear Grylls (argh, annoying but addictive), Grey's Anatomy, Chicago Fire, and G and I have started 2 new series. The Resident is good, but I'm still trying to get over the main character being the actor who was Rory's boyfriend in my beloved Gilmore Girls.... and Station 19, which so should have been called Blaze Anatomy. Both good so far.

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Talking of the Gilmore Girls, I'm rewatching it from the start with my girlie. Sooo comforting!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

ER and stuff


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Early morning and I'm getting my ER fix. I'm nearly at the end of Season 2, and my vague recollections of watching it the first time are like a warm fuzzy blanket whilst I watch it again. I know, for example, that in a few seasons time something bad happens to... OK, a spoiler alert here, if you don't want to know what happens in a series that aired about 20 years ago, stop reading here, if there's actually anyone reading at all... So, I know that Dr Greene dies, but I can't remember how or why and I'm quite content to let it all trip along happily to it's conclusion. It's aired daily, and I guess I could find the whole series and binge watch if I wanted to, but I'm quite enjoying a daily dose of doctors. They'll be re-airing the Gilmore Girls in the same way from next week, so I'm planning on a  double dose of 90s nostalgia.


Over Easter we've seen The Greatest Showman and Black Panther. Both on the same day actually, go us. The Black Panther cost us a mere £1 for 3 tickets, thanks to our mobile phone company and their freebies. Both were excellent. My Miss Little Legs had been desperate to see the Greatest Showman, as her school buddies were all over it. It didn't disappoint- can't beat a spot of Hugh J, and the songs were excellent, even if the plot moved on in some pretty big jumps rom time to time. The OST has been purchased, and it's all we're allowed to listen to in the car now. My favourite track is Never enough, and I can be heard singing it terribly and at eye watering decibels all over the house. And outside, he he he.

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The Black Panther was another success, but you don't need my reviews to tell you that. Typical Marvel fare, action and japes and gags and in jokes. Plus Martin Freeman. Hurrah. Can't wait for Infinity war now.


Image result for la belle sauvageSo many books since I last typed on here. I've just finished Phillip Pullman's Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage, and found myself fully immersed in Lyra's world yet again. Wonderful storytelling, close enough to home to be familiar, with enough of the unfamiliar to be exciting. The only real problem was the size and weight of the book, muscle pullingly huuuuuge.

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Now I'm onto the Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. It's fabulous, really unsettling, but very fast paced. Lots of fairy tales, feisty teenage protagonist, hint of a romance. It's an easy read, but it's one I'm eager to finish, I want to know what happens in the end.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Been a while. No reasons, many reasons.....still, I'm back.

Reading, lots on the go, the one in my bag today is this....

It's quite good. Slow to start, but I'm quite looking forward to seeing how it all ends now.

TV- the boy has just finished watching Lost and has had the same level of disappointment as I did when it was all over...... I'm halfway through season 2 of Broadchurch and looooving it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Early morning book change

I'm always awake far too early, which isn't great but which has turned into my early morning read time. Yay! 

 So- finished Rogue finally this morning. It was ok, an easy read and I'm quite taken with the characters, but the plot could have moved on a bit sharpish. 

I've just picked out A court of thorns and roses from the monumental pile awaiting my attention. No reason for the choice other than I liked the author's previous books.

Ha ha, you can see I've got a cold by the meds in that picture!

My girlie and I have also just finished reading the first Harry Potter book together, so we'll be moving onto the second- Chamber of Secrets- my least favourite if I'm honest. Still pretty good though!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Saturday round up

Busy week this week. Back to work, back to school (for one child), illness, piano lessons, taekwondo....phew!

We've started a bit of an Avengers-fest, so we've watched Avengers Assemble, the first Captain America and Thor. Ooh, and Guardians of the Galaxy- so I've been singing "hoogachacha hoogachacha...IIiiiiiiiiiiii'm hooked on a feeling, ba ba bah bahhhhhhh" all week. We've got a few films to go! This always leads to a big debate on who's the best superhero. I veer towards Iron Man, because he's a superhero because he's clever, but to be honest I change my mind regularly. I definitely have a favourite bad guy though.

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We named our cat after him- and he's little bit mischevious too.

How cute?

As ever there's been a lot of reading going on here- I'm reading the first Harry Potter book with my girl.
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I've just started Rogue by Julie Kagawa
Image result for rogue kagawaI enjoyed Talon, the first in the series which I picked up solely because I liked the cover, all red reptilian skin and embossed! I know you shouldn't, but I often judge a new book by it's cover. A really good cover can spark an impulse buy :)

On the TV front I've finished watching Sons of Anarchy. I miss Jax. Traumatic ending, but kinda fitting, it certainly couldn't have gone any other way. Well worth a watch. With TV shows, it's a case of- was that worth the investment of my time? Well yeah, this one was.

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However, the most exciting this is that STRICTLY COME DANCING STARTS TONIGHT! Oonly the launch show, but Yippee!!! Strictly means snuggly Saturday evenings in front of the box with my lovelies, eating cottage pie and oooohing over the sparkly frocks. It means Sunday lunchtimes discussing performances with my Mom, and weekday injections of Strictly fever from It takes 2. Then it's Christmas!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2015


I love, love, love me some Nashville. I'm just catching up on this week's episode.

I'm rooting for Deacon and Rayna, and Gunnar and Scarlett... and I'm also off to buy the OST, seems I've caught the country bug.

Today will involve me tidying up my craft space- I have a desk and lots of storage that's overflowing, so I'm going to weed it down and get rid of a lot of stuff. Probably with the World Athletic Championships in the background. I'm a big fan of big sporting championships, but only certain sports (I know, I'm picky). So- Olympics, Commonwealth Games? Big tick. Athletics? Yup. Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana? I'm in. World Snooker Champs? Yes please. Football? Never in a million years. Tennis? Rather stab myself with a fork.

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We're looking at getting the NFL Gamepass for my son, he plays for a youth American football team and wants to watch the matches, but I don't want to pay for Sky Sports- we don't watch soccer, so it's a waste!

Have a good day folks!!!

Monday, August 24, 2015


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Yesterday's cinema trip was to see Pixels. Despite the bad reviews, I quite liked it. I'm not an Adam Sandler fan really, but he was OK. Peter Dinklage was.. well Peter Dinklage. So awesome in everything, even with a mullet. I spent half the film trying to work out which animated character Josh Gad had voiced* thank goodness for IMDB eh?

There was an awful family a couple of rows back who'd bought a crying baby to see a 12A film- not good...

Next on the film to do list is Fantastic Four.

*Olaf from Frozen in case you were wondering.