Saturday, August 22, 2015

6am on a I'm watching...

As usual, I'm up early. I can't even start to explain my truly messed up sleep patterns, but I've given up trying to sleep today, and I'm now watching Sons of Anarchy. I'm on season 7 and it's the last one- boo. If you haven't watched and intend to- don't read on, there may be spoilers.

Image result for sons of anarchy patch

I've read that Walton Goggins is reprising his role as Venus Van Dam, which makes my face smile. I adored Justified and he was awesome in that, but Venus is a joy. Time for some Justified promo posters, just because.

Image result for justified

Image result for justified

I'm seriously thinking of buying a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt, but I have no idea when I'd ever wear it. If I had the means I'd have a wardrobe, no a house full of daft fangirl tat!

I usually do something else when I'm watching TV, at the moment it's a cross stitch for my little girl- this one. It's called Night, and I have Day to do as well, but it's taking a long, long time! It's very pretty.

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