Saturday, August 22, 2015


Distraction is something at which I am rather good. Distracting myself primarily, although I am a dab hand at derailing other's train of thought too.

Why distraction? Well, because I like it... and as I'm not a retired millionaire living in a countryside mansion with a swimming pool and my own craft studio, I sometimes need distracting from real life.

My distraction takes various forms, so I'm expecting to blog about
Books- lots and lots of books;
Films- cinema trips and DVD purchases, we're a film-aholic family;
TV- I'm very partial to a box set binge watch, especially if I find a programme with several series to catch up on;
Doodles- I doodle all the time, but then I make all sorts of things and if you're interested in inky, stampy, arty stuff I've got another blog all about that stuff-

Let's get up to date now then.

I'm reading this, about 15 pages in so far. It's the sequel to Dorothy Must Die, which was an OK read. That sounds quite damning, but it's not- I read it and enjoyed it, it was a nice re-take on the whole Dorothy/Oz story. Good enough for me to buy the sequel anyway! I'm a bit of a wicked witch fan.


Recent cinema watches

Image result for ant man Love Paul Rudd, love Marvel, loved this.

Image result for hot pursuit 2015  Ugh. I was with my bestie at the cinema though, so that was good...

Image result for minions  Kinda disappointed... Despicable Me set the bar too high.


I'm a big TV fan. Currently on my planner...

Image result for sons of anarchy  Season 7. I may cry when I get to the end.

Image result for great british bake off  Has to be done.

Image result for chicago fire  Essentially a fire based soap.

Image result for goldbergs  80s fest.

Righto, so that's a start made. Expect more of the same!

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