Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Early morning book change

I'm always awake far too early, which isn't great but which has turned into my early morning read time. Yay! 

 So- finished Rogue finally this morning. It was ok, an easy read and I'm quite taken with the characters, but the plot could have moved on a bit sharpish. 

I've just picked out A court of thorns and roses from the monumental pile awaiting my attention. No reason for the choice other than I liked the author's previous books.

Ha ha, you can see I've got a cold by the meds in that picture!

My girlie and I have also just finished reading the first Harry Potter book together, so we'll be moving onto the second- Chamber of Secrets- my least favourite if I'm honest. Still pretty good though!


Friday, September 4, 2015

Saturday round up

Busy week this week. Back to work, back to school (for one child), illness, piano lessons, taekwondo....phew!

We've started a bit of an Avengers-fest, so we've watched Avengers Assemble, the first Captain America and Thor. Ooh, and Guardians of the Galaxy- so I've been singing "hoogachacha hoogachacha...IIiiiiiiiiiiii'm hooked on a feeling, ba ba bah bahhhhhhh" all week. We've got a few films to go! This always leads to a big debate on who's the best superhero. I veer towards Iron Man, because he's a superhero because he's clever, but to be honest I change my mind regularly. I definitely have a favourite bad guy though.

Image result for loki

We named our cat after him- and he's little bit mischevious too.

How cute?

As ever there's been a lot of reading going on here- I'm reading the first Harry Potter book with my girl.
Image result for harry potter and the philosopher's stone

I've just started Rogue by Julie Kagawa
Image result for rogue kagawaI enjoyed Talon, the first in the series which I picked up solely because I liked the cover, all red reptilian skin and embossed! I know you shouldn't, but I often judge a new book by it's cover. A really good cover can spark an impulse buy :)

On the TV front I've finished watching Sons of Anarchy. I miss Jax. Traumatic ending, but kinda fitting, it certainly couldn't have gone any other way. Well worth a watch. With TV shows, it's a case of- was that worth the investment of my time? Well yeah, this one was.

Image result for jax teller

However, the most exciting this is that STRICTLY COME DANCING STARTS TONIGHT! Oonly the launch show, but Yippee!!! Strictly means snuggly Saturday evenings in front of the box with my lovelies, eating cottage pie and oooohing over the sparkly frocks. It means Sunday lunchtimes discussing performances with my Mom, and weekday injections of Strictly fever from It takes 2. Then it's Christmas!!!!